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July 09, 2010



Good to know! Glad to know that a discount is available on training.


It seem a very nice cursus. I am very interested. It will surely benefit my career.

Joseph  Isaacs

ISG-Telecom is a CLEC regulatory (legal) consulting firm that was founded in 1996, and since then our staff has been creating CLEC strategies in an effort to maximize profits for new entrants. During that time frame ISG has helped hundreds of entrants become CLEC’s, Inter-Exchange Carriers and VoIP providers.

Our legal staff combined with the retention of some of the best telecom attorney’s in the USA, when needed for certain jurisdictions, makes us the only choice for certifications with any PUC (Public Utility Commission) throughout the USA or the FCC (Federal Communications Commission). In 2008 we introduced international certifications for our clients wishing to do business in Canada, Mexico, Europe and the Eastern Block. Our focus has been the same for twenty + years - “Get our clients certified in the shortest period of time with the least amount of energy on their part”. We have a 100% track record for getting approvals and completing all certifications in record time.

Phone Power Reviews

Sounds like a great telecom course, I'm definitely going to enroll for this course.


Telecom Jobs on

Mehmet Kaplan

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How does all of this new technology affect the regular consumer? GIS is now being woven into the fabric of our everyday lives through social media. Geo-referencing on Facebook allows users to ‘check in’ and tag locations on real-time photographs. Information is being captured and shared through the internet in excess. Access to technology has never been easier due to the notable rise in the use of smartphone technologies.

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